The Dene of the Northwest Territories, Canada, are historically nomadic hunters and gathers.  Trapping, fishing and berry picking along the Sub-Arctic shores of the Mackenzie and Liard Rivers and Great Slave and Great Bear Lakes, the Dene preserved and maintained a balance between need and conservation.

Today, Dene Fur Clouds Ltd. of Fort Providence follows in the footsteps of its ancestors. Here a group of highly skilled group of Dene take their inspiration from the ceremonies and traditions of the past in the designing and making a unique line of hand knit fur garments and accessories.

Dene Fur Clouds | Fort Providence NWT

Dene Fur Clouds products are made using sheared beaver, arctic hare, fox and lynx harvested through the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program. The fur is sustainably caught as it has been for centuries to create environmentally friendly renewable garments.

Fur Item Care: Hand wash in warm water and mild soap and dry flat.  To fluff up fur, tumble dry on gentle with no heat for 10 minutes with a couple tennis balls.

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